Wednesday, May 18, 2016

LEGO Creator Mini Vehicles

  • Collect all 4 on-the-go mini sets
  • Build any one of 3 speedy vehicles: a car transporter with car, an off-road 4x4, and a mini tow truck
  • When you're done, store the pieces in the portable and reusable box
  • Build 3 alternate models from 1 set
  • Set contains 79 pieces and Instructions are included for all three

List Price: $9.99
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Product Description
Build any one of three speedy vehicles: a car transporter with car, an off-road 4x4, and a mini tow truck!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

LEGO Creator Prehistoric Hunters 6914

  • 3 models in 1: Rebuilds into a flying pterodactyl with moving wings or a poseable brachiosaurus
  • T-Rex with cool teeth, powerful moveable legs and tail
  • T-Rex stands over 6" (16cm) tall
  • Pterodactyl measures over 10" (25cm) long
  • Brachiosaurus measures over 11" (29cm) long

List Price: $17.99
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Product Description
LEGO Creator Prehistoric Hunters 6914

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Crafting Style Building Box of Brick Set By Tangoblocks for Building Walls, Dungeons, Caves, Mine or Fortress 1,000 Piece Premium Block Set

  • Crafting Blocks for Building Castles, Dungeons, Buildings and Fortress or Everyday Use with Regular Building Blocks and Bricks
  • 100% Compatible with Leading Brands Such as Lego & Guaranteed to fit tight
  • 1,000 piece Premium building bricks with assorted colors and sizes. This set is designed for building walls. No other box or bag of bricks comes with as many large usable pieces as TangoBlocks!
  • Students, Kids and Lego Fans will be occupied for hours constructing with their imagination and creativity
  • Perfect Gift for those who spend hours playing minecraft and love building with blocks! No Directions included or Needed! You now have the power to start building whatever you can dream up!

List Price: $139.99
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Product Description
Finally You Can start building in Real Life the same Awesome Castles, Dungeons, Fortress's and Cities you Create in the Minecraft Game.
TangoBlocks Brick Wall Crafting Box comes with assorted colors and sizes so you can get your creative juices flowing and start building something awesome!
*Disclaimer* Please note this block set will not assemble the building on the front of the box, the photo is an example of what you can build using your creativity.
Our Premium Crafting Blocks are compatible with Lego and other major building blocks manufacturers and most importantly are Guaranteed to fit tight. Combine this set with other blocks and let your children be occupied for hours constructing with their imagination.

Don't waste your money anymore on expensive building brick sets only to get a few pieces of what you need to build a large castle or building. We solved that problem by only putting in the most important and commonly used blocks for creating structures.
Design and build objects, buildings, and figures, anything you can imagine this set gives you the foundation to start building it.
Some Ideas to Build:
Tower Walls
You are only limited to your Imagination

The perfect gift for fans of Lego building and Minecraft!

Order NOW as Holiday Quantities are limited

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fisher-Price TRIO King's Castle

  • Build up to 4 castle adventures!
  • Double-sided snap-in picture panels let kids choose and change their adventures.
  • Break-away building panel for exciting battle action!
  • Fire the cannon to defend the castle, raise and lower the working drawbridge.
  • 213 piece set includes two play figures that snap on to the bricks and ride the horse.

List Price: $74.99
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The Fisher-Price TRIO King's Castle allows your child to be the architect of his or her very own castle. Designed for children ages five to nine, the set contains over 200 easy-click bricks that can be used to build custom castles. With six figures, a working cannon, and other accessories included, the King's Castle will immerse your child in a world of medieval fantasy, and encourage imaginative play.

King's Castle Ages: 5 to 9 years

What We Think
Fun factor:


Ease of assembly:

Educational factor:

Novelty factor:

The Good: Building system is easy for kids to use; includes dozens of figures and accessories.

The Challenging: Panels don't always snap into place correctly.

In a Nutshell: A kid-friendly, medieval-themed building toy that's ideal for role-playing.

Designed for children ages five to nine, the TRIO King's Castle brings out your child's inner architect. View larger. A Customizable Medieval Adventure
King's Castle features the all-new TRIO building system. Using easy-click bricks, pegs, and panels, TRIO makes it possible to build a wide variety of different structures -- ranging from castle parapets to catapults. Best of all, the system is easy for kids to work with, and requires very little force or finesse. They'll be able to hear and feel the "snap" when they've made a connection.

The set comes with easy-to-follow instructions on how to build several different castles. Children can choose to follow these examples, or build a castle of their own design. The set also comes with several unique building components, including a working drawbridge, a breakaway wall, and several graphical panels that can be switched depending on the situation. However, the panels are a bit tricky to snap into place, so adult assistance might be necessary.

Encourages Creativity and Imagination
Once the castle is built, King's Castle has plenty of accessories to offer for creative play. The set has a spirit of medieval adventure, and comes complete with six knight figurines and a horse. All knights come with shield and sword accessories, and can easily be snapped onto the surface of the castle. Kids will enjoy acting out sieges against the castle using the included catapult and battering ram. Or, they can play the side of the castle defenders by operating the working cannon to fight off invaders. So, whether they are building or playing, King's Castle provides children with the tools needed for an immersive and imaginative experience.

What's in the Box
Easy-click bricks, pegs, panels, drawbridge, cannon, six figures, six shields, six swords, horse figure and instructions.

Unique building components include a working drawbridge. View larger.

Storm the castle with the included catapult... View larger.

...or defend the castle with the working cannon! View larger.

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

LEGO Hero Factory Rocka 6202

  • Features hero cuffs, crossbow, ammo belt with arrows, shooter, energy shield and mask with heat scope vision
  • Ball shooter really shoots, includes 1 decorated chest piece and highly flexible and poseable elements
  • Includes unique code worth 300 game points for Lego Hero Factory BREAKOUT game
  • Battle with the master villain 6203 Black Phantom or combine with 6203 Black Phantom for an even bigger model
  • Stands over 7" (19cm) tall

List Price: $12.99
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Product Description
LEGO Hero Factory Rocka 6202

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Cobi 1912 RMS Titanic, White Star Line, Special Edition, building bricks

  • Quality construction bricks
  • 8 years +
  • Compatible with other leading brands
  • Contains 450 blocks
  • Inside every box are detailed illustrated instructions

List Price:
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Product Description
The COBI is a Polish manufacturer of high quality construction blocks which is fully compatible with Lego but offers wider choice and cheaper prices in construction bricks. COBI construction blocks are not just attractively designed and safe, but also carry educational meaning, develop children's imagination, creative thinking, perceptiveness and manual skills.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

LEGO Racers Ice Rally

  • Plastic container unfolds to create racetrack layout and fold up for storage
  • Includes 2 rally race cars
  • Cars each measure 3.5" in length
  • Combine with No.8125 Thunder Raceway and No.8126 Desert Challenge to create larger track
  • 170 pieces

List Price: $22.99
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Product Description
Can you conquer this frozen track? Beat the racing heat with this ice rally track! Plastic storage container unfolds into a frozen racetrack plate with finish line, obstacles, and other racing accessories, plus 2 rally racers to pit against each other in a race to the frozen finish! Includes 2 rally race cars! Cars each measure 3.5" (9cm) in length! Combine with #8125 Thunder Raceway and #8126 Desert Challenge to create larger track! 170 Pieces

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